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It's not sulfur

The “chromate experts” guide on the overlooked topic of the formation of carcinogenic chromium (VI) compounds, in particular calcium chromate, when using insulation materials containing calcium.

The formation of carcinogenic and environmentally toxic chromates through the use of high-temperature insulation (insulation) containing alkali and/or alkaline earth metals.
It is not sulphur - chromate in the workplace

For the download page of the information network "The Chromat Experts" please click here.

On over 60 pages with almost 100 images, as well as studies, data sheets, etc., the network provides the latest information on the topic of “Chromate in the workplace”.

The guide can also be downloaded by clicking on the button below:

It is not sulphur - Chromates in the workplace_2024_01_s_en
Download PDF • 5.16MB

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